Install your new Smart Device

You will have received a unique Install Code with your Smart Device from EE
Enter the Install Code below and let's get started

More than one device?
Lost install code?
The installation process is simple and we’ll take care of everything

Before installation day

Your installer will contact you directly. They’ll confirm the details of your installation, tell you what to expect and whether there’s anything special you need to do. If you have any queries or need to re-arrange the appointment, you will be able to contact your installer directly

Where will the device go?

The installer will discuss with you the best place for the Smart Device to go. Please refer to FAQs to find out more

On the day of installation

Please ensure someone, if not you, over the age of 18 will be at home. Also, please make sure you have the App for the Smart Device downloaded onto the phone or tablet you want to use before the installer arrives so they can get everything connected and working properly for you

Booking FAQs

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