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Trusted to deliver

AXA Partners are specialist in home emergency and motor breakdown cover and services– which we have been providing for over 40 years. We are part of the wider AXA Group and in 2018 we were named number one global insurance brand for the 9th consecutive year. Globally AXA employs 9,500 staff across 40 countries to provide products and services that assist our customers in emergency situations.

We have our own experienced and qualified network of tradesman and engineers who our customers can call on if things go wrong. Our network are also trained and fully qualified to install Smart Devices and get you connected.

At the forefront of innovation

We’re at the forefront of innovation and we want to help you manage your home in a way that suits a digital lifestyle. Connected Home Devices, such as Smart Thermostat, Doorbells and Cameras, not only make homes safer and more efficient they also make the simple, everyday things easier.